Don Juan Urquijo 20º Aniversario

In 1995, master Cuban cigar maker Señor Alfredo Salinas joined Tabacalera to integrate the then cutting-edge Cuban cigar-rolling techniques, with traditional methods from the turn of the century. Now, these cigar rollers are among the seniors on the factory floor with over 30 years of experience. In honor of his long-lasting impact on Philippine cigar making, Tabacalera’s chief blenders pulled out a limited selection of Philippine Cuban-seed tobacco and Dominican long fillers, both from 1995, to continue the heritage of the tribute series with the Don Juan Urquijo 20º Aniversario. This light-bodied blend offers flavors of cream and malt, interlaced with sweet hints of honey and nuances of citrus. Aside from the delicious smoothness in flavor, the DJU 20º Aniversario’s aroma will surprise with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon with each buttery plume of smoke that the DJU has been known for for over two decades. This limited cigar line comes in the Robusto, Corona, and Toro sizes, and is available in a natural Brazilian sumatra wrapper.
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